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Tim Tattersall Design Palm Springs Interior Designer, High End Palm Springs Interior Design



Over 150 years ago my great-great-grandfather Tattersall invented the pattern that has become known as the Tattersall Plaid.  When his grandson (my grandfather) Tattersall immigrated to the US in the 1920’s from England, he ran textile mills.  By the time I was born the intrigue for fabric, style, and design had been seeping into my DNA for generations.

After college, it seemed like a fun idea to accept a part-time job selling for Ralph Lauren – though I could never have foreseen how that decision would shape the next 23 years of my life.  As it happened, during my tenure with Polo as the Director of Global Training, I visited nearly every Ralph Lauren store in the world - from New York to Tokyo, Moscow to London, Buenos Aires to Kansas City,  I learned how Mr. Lauren’s sense of style could be interpreted to fit within different cultures.  I saw how something could be so perfect in Dubai, yet with a little twist work as well in Cannes or Charleston or Sydney.

From 1994-1998 fate found me in Florence, Italy, where I took a brief hiatus from Polo to work for Cole-Haan, ( I returned to Polo when I moved back to New York from 1998-2007).  My Italian years made a definite stylistic impression on me: the building I worked in was built in the fifteen century – while the building I lived in was erected in the sixteenth; all things Renaissance became a part of me.

My Hawaiian years on Maui (2007-2022), exposed me to another way of life - that of the sun, sand and sea. My home design reflected that, whether I was designing contemporary or for a pineapple-plantation-inspired estate.   

Now in Palm Springs, my approach to design combines all these experiences with a California sensibility to create spaces that are warm while at the same time unique, bespoke, and one-of-a-kind for my clients.

Hours Of Operation

Monday - Friday

9am -  5pm


408 Huddle Springs Way
Palm Springs, CA 92264

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